Communication is the exchange of information - a core property of life. Without it, life as we know it isn't possible. Information can be transferred digitally, in print or on-line. It can be visual, audible or textual in nature and in combinations of these forms. Today such instances can be created from behind the desk.


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Beauty incites the highest form of efficiency. If communication is a coherent blend of appealing components it will catch observers' focus. Images and words must settle easy and permanently in the observer's brain in order to reach the aims purposed.

To achieve the above, awareness of etymology (the origin of words) and symbolism help to create effective communication. If done properly the induced properties of language and visuals can be a magnificent combination that exceeds the sum of its parts.

Such information entices the observer's mindset which helps to attain the goals aspired by the initiator of the communication.

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A few examples


There's art for the sake of art and there are images containing a hidden meaning. Even if people can't consciously see beyond the obvious, their mind's eye detects the message stealthily incorporated into imagery.

A slew of commonly unknown aspects can be integrated in visuals that have the power to influence the subconscious. Large corporations for instance merge symbolism in their logos and other communication for the purpose of affecting audiences. A powerful way of communication.

For those unfamiliar with this approach I suggest to study the information on websites that explain the properties of symbolism.

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A few examples.


The human brain translates words into sounds that resonate in the head. Sound being an energy wave at least as powerful as light. Physicist William Robertson at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro managed to - depending on how you look at it - transmit .

The origin of words is contained in the magical roots of mankind. Spelling words properly is related to casting a spell. Well phrased sentences (as in legal conviction) literally captivate the addressed. Grammar comes from grimoire, the sorcerer's handbook, containing potion formulae and spells. These merely are a few examples used to indicate the importance of  and aware use of language.

After humans just uttered unarticulated sounds and cries, language began to slowly evolve. The use of activated brain regions never used previously. But evolution continued and the original meaning of words often became obscured. Yet at some point in space and time their meaning has probably been closer to the powerful truth than they are today (long before there were all sorts of 'smart' gimmicks, machines and systems that have made the act of thinking an almost obsolete pursuit).

Find out how this is true.


Moi (mwaaah...)
Moi (mwaaah...)

In other words

I travel through limitless illusion without using chemicals, strong French tobacco and cheap whiskey excluded. Intuition is my guide, but my destiny keeps shifting. I have tried staying on the road, but there were simply too many turns leading nowhere. Echoes and mirages fill my mind while space and time fly by. I feel I am approaching the end of infinity. I hit the brakes, but it's too late. I skid beyond perception, awareness and some dust covered sign marking the end. In my rear view mirror I see memories of an illusion slowly fade. I wait for the end, but something tells me it will never come. I look at my watch to see what time it is, but the hands are gone. The face says to me:
your time's up!