If you require creative out-of-the-box solutions for your communication don't hesitate to contact me. Run of the mill, boring office bunk isn't my style and forte. I make digital and analog art (airbrush, custom painting and traditional hairy brush painting). In the on-line digital realm I use the usual tools of the trade - the Adobe and Corel suits for DTP and 2D artwork, Rhinoceros and Cinema 4D for 3D art and Pinegrow to build (responsive) websites.

Concerning vacancies, I have a preference for creative writing and illustrator (logo-design, technical drawings, digital artwork etc.), but I've done technical writing as well. I will send my interactive resume to interested parties by mail (take a peek at the 'interactive resume' link in the DTP section of this site).

My best tool is my intuition. Impulses pop up like bats from hell or gifts from heaven. No one knows where they come from, but they affect our lives inspite of the fact we've commonly been taught that emotions should be kept inside, although they are the root and cause of every thought humankind has generated. Today's world prefers to rely on intelligence, which basically is the skill to mould those impulses into matters that are considered to be of practical use in this material dimension. All the brilliant solutions often didn't lead to realizing the potential that is believed to be present in societies.

I would love to be part of a collaboration that tips the scale, in the sense that benefits from projects are evenly distributed among populations that cooperate in a ton of ways for the common good.

The best way to start contibuting to such situations is to sit down and have a drink while discussing whatever needs to be discussed in order to reach whatever is intended to be reached. Minds should be able to mutually suss out eachother before deciding what to do next. Don't hesitate to if this mindset appeals to you.